IPPA crafts seminars for marketers, communicators, sustainability, CSR, branding, and human resources professionals, as well as for individuals, based on the science of positive psychology. Please contact us, if you need us to craft a seminar that meets your needs.

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what enables individuals, companies and communities to thrive. Positive Psychology is the science of human performance.

Its research areas aim to find answers to questions such as:  What makes us happy, hopeful, and resilient?  How can we find meaning in what we do?  What is the link between success and happiness?  How does Positive Leadership change cultures?  How does Positive Psychology transform brand communications?  How do we foster trust in organizations?  How can we raise individuals’ and the society’s quality of life?

“Positive Psychology At Work: Positive Interventions for A Meaningful Life”
“The Future of Work: Watch our Tedx Talk on the Subject”

“Quality of Life” Based Marketing/Corporate Communications: Communications Meet Positive Psychology

Functional brands and emotional brands will continue to exist. However brands that thrive will be those who raise their customers’ and the society’s quality of life. We call it the “Social Brand”. Based on the science of positive psychology, we show you the dimensions of “quality of life” and present how to alter  your strategy, planning and communications to build customer advocacy.

“Quality of Life” Based Employee Communications: Employer Branding Meets Positive Psychology

Companies now have a tendency to want to make their employees feel happy. If only they could be happier… It is true that happier employees are more creative and productive at work. Yet, having happiness as a goal can be problematic when pushed too hard and it becomes an expectation from each employee. We showcase why and how it pays better to aim at raising your employees quality of life rather than just their daily emotions at work.
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