Quality of Life based Social Responsibility Project Design

Customers want brands to improve their “Quality of Life”. According to survey results, 75% of consumers believe that brands should play a role in improving their “quality of life” and well-being. Such brands outperform the stock market by %206 over a ten year period.

IPPA is leading the way in designing social responsibility projects and initiatives that are rising on the pillars of  “Quality of Life”–an extensive scientific study of Positive Psychology. True impact comes from social responsibility projects that have mastered how to select the right quality of life dimension in the strategic planning process.
IPPA is still the only company to offer Quality of Life based Social Responsibility projects with a solid strategic approach and integrated communications planning design. If you are interested in acquiring our know how, please contact us.


A shot from one of our quality of life based social responsibility project design workshop.

İyi Yaşam Quality of Life based Social Responsibility