We craft seminars for marketers, communicators; sustainability, CSR, HR and branding experts on the science of positive psychology.

We have a team of experts to deliver on your corporate needs.
Our most popular and unique seminars are:
Brands Meet Positive Psychology: “Quality of Life” Based Brand Communications
Functional brands and emotional brands will continue to exist. However brands that thrive will be those who raise their customers’, employees’, and the society’s quality of life. We call it the “Social Brand”. Based on the science of positive psychology, we show you the dimensions of “quality of life” and present how to alter  your communications to build customer advocacy.
Employer Branding Meets Positive Psychology: “Quality of Life” Based Employee Communications
HR Directors have a tendency to want to make their employees feel happy. If only they could be happier… It is true that happier employees are more creative and productive at work. Yet, its also problematic. We showcase why and how it pays better to aim at raising your employees quality of life. 

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Contact Us to craft a keynote, panel discussion or workshop that meets your needs. We are experienced working with executive board members, management teams, and employees. My audiences walk away with new perspectives to common issues; and concrete skills to improve the quality of their lives, organisations, or both.
Seminar subjects may include the following:
—Macro Forces and Corporate Cultures     
—Psychology of Entrepreneurship    
—How to Engage your Employees through Digital PR
—Communications That Foster Creativity     
—Leadership and Character Formation     

—Reputation Management      
—Well-Being Based CSR and Sustainability    
—Psychology of Success, Happiness, and the Workplace     
—Positive Psychology and Relationships    
—Life and Work Satisfaction    
—Crafting A Meaningful Life: Career Management for a Meaningful Life     
—How to Ignite Your Curiosity, Courage and Challenge for Innovation    
—Working with Highly Talented & Discovery of Talent
Fatmanur Erdoganfatierdogan
Chief Communications Officer

Fatmanur Erdogan
is an experienced international communications executive and keynote speaker with over 50 events under her belt.
She speaks on a wide range of topics, which revolve around four themes: social brand construct, communications, creativity, and positive psychology.
She holds a B.A. in Management and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association.


Ali Erdogan
Marketing Consultant-Art Enthusiast



B.A. Management
(Turkey, Eastern Mediterranean Uni)
Certificates; Marketing & E-commerce
(U.S.A., University of California, Santa Cruz)
Experienced Marketing Consultant for Telecommunications Companies, specialty in loyalty programs
Art Collector and curator of art projects for corporations




Evren Erol
Sculptor, Artist

B.A. Faculty of Fine Arts, Sculpture
(Marmara University)
A.A. Serigraphy
(Turkey, Yıldız Technical University)
In his work, he examines thoughts and concepts that are shaped by our surrounding conditions, in a way, mirroring our subconscious.
His statues revolve around basic metaphors such
as change, transformation, contrast, rejection
and acceptance.
He is a featured artist in many exhibitions and symposiums.