IPPA and STMS partners in providing cost-saving and flexible accounting, finance, purchasing, and human resources solutions for start-ups, and small and mid sized businesses (SME).  Our operations are stored in a cloud based system.

Through seamless management of back office systems, STMS allows shareholders to focus on growing their company, hence offering them piece of mind.

finance1Growth Strategy

Growth is hard. Over the past decade, 90% of companies worldwide failed to achieve sustained, profitable growth. We help companies seeking sustained value creation by turning 3 common pitfalls into opportunities: 1- find the untapped growth potential and unrealized cost savings in your core business 2-  expand from a strong core into adjacencies. 3- renew your communications model 

Organisational Effectiveness

Only 20% of organizations work. Their employees are engaged and happy with their jobs. We help clients improve their financial performance and make their organizations better places to work by ensuring the entire organization system is aligned and set up to deliver on the company’s objectives. 


Operational Effectiveness finance3

  • Improvement of finance processes
  • Improvement of purchasing processes
  • HR support systems development such as benefits, employee contracts
  • R&D stimulus package development

Financial Management

  • Financial reporting
  • Financial reporting and presentations in line with group reporting standards
  • Identifying financial needs and structuring
  • Cash flow analysis and improvement proposals
  • Re-establishing business operations with Banks
  • Establishing financial reporting systems based on company needs such as KPI based Flash reports, Cash flow report, VUK and/or IFRS, US GAASP adjusted balance sheets and P&L statements, Rolling forecasts
  • Preparing, and handling of credit needs such as letter of guarantee, cash credit, exim credits. Preliminary work and arranging business affairs for the establishment of credit limits


Şeniz Tarımcan, CFO

Şeniz is the founding director of STMS and has 18 years of professional work experience in companies ranging from big multinationals to start-ups. She served as Chief Financial Officer in industries including finance, communication technologies, logistics, and healthcare. She holds an MSMBA degree in finance from San Diego State University, and Accounting and Finance degree from Marmara University. She speaks English, German and Turkish fluently.