Strategic Communications

We are communications experts with 20 years of global work experience.

If you are a business executive looking for strategic approaches to corporate communications, we design them for you.  These include;
Ayhan Sicimoglu—Digital PR/Digital Communications/Digital Transformation: Corporate Communications, Internal Communications, Brand Communications, Employee/Employer-focused communications. Integrating digital into the DNA of the organization and communications strategy, culture change trainings.
—Sustainability Communications/CSR Projects Planning & Campaign Development: We are the only company to design projects, to define measurement criteria, devise communications strategies and develop implementation plans based on “Quality of Life/Well-being” scale.
 —Corporate and Brand Communications: We design top notch marcom and corpcom projects which may include; interactive channels, digital media, mobile technology, segmented positioning, brand & marketing communications
Our projects are highly creative, award-winning, and tend to be novel in their respected area.
These projects make you and your team shine within your organization, leverage your position, and help you land additional budget/investments.
If you are a marketing/advertising/communications agency looking for strategic communications projects for your clients, we design projects and presentations for you. Your client doesn’t have to know it’s us who designed the project, unless you want us to present it for you. We are highly skilled at making pitches to executive boards and are pretty good at influencing and getting their buy in.